Diagnostic Equipment at PetVet Animal Health Center

We feature some of the latest and greatest in diagnostic technology that allows us to assess the health of pets brought into our Auburn clinic. The better we understand your pet’s illness or injury, the better we can treat them. Our in-house lab, radiology, and ultrasonography all play key roles in our pet diagnostics process.

Pet diagnostics

Available In-House Diagnostics

What we observe on the surface may not be the end all be all of your pet’s illness. Sometimes the problem is an internal one, requiring an in-depth look at your pet’s inner workings. Our in-house lab is able to analyze all pet diagnostics that makes your pet tick.

Here is what we can do:

  • CBC (complete blood count)
  • Blood chemistry
  • Thyroid function
  • Urinalysis
  • Stool examinations
  • Cytological exam (an analysis of skin cells)

How Diagnostics Help Your Pet

Often, your pet’s laboratory testing, including blood work, urinalysis results, fecal exam results, and cytology, is as important when they’re healthy as when they’re ill. A diagnostic panel performed when your pet is healthy gives us a baseline to compare back to in the event that your pet becomes ill. It is also important in early diagnosis of diseases before they become outwardly apparent. When we have a thorough understanding of your pet both inside and out, we can provide targeted, tailored treatment that enables your pet to recover faster and more fully.


The clinic has separate rooms for cats and dogs, and the tables are heated with little indents. My cat was so relaxed and comfortable....it made the experience so much easier. The staff is also amazing...so kind and gentle! I highly recommend them!!!!

-Elizabeth K.

I loved my experience at PetVet. As it was my first visit here, I was very satisfied. Dr. Brawner was very thorough with every concern that I had.

-Brandi P.

This is by far the best place to take your pet! They do not rush through the exam, they take their time to explaining things to you, they go over all of your options for different situations and never pressure you into anything. We trust them wholeheartedly; no one compares to the doctors and staff here. Thank you guys for all you do!

-Nicky H.

Dr. Brawner and the whole staff are FANTASTIC! My Paisley girl loves them (probably because they always give her treats) and they do a wonderful job of calming this helicopter dog mom down! Only place I'd trust to take care of my babies!

-Carly B.

Staff was so friendly. Called in the early afternoon and was able to make an appointment the same day. Staff made sure we understood everything that was going on with our dog and helped us get our boy better.

-Emily H.

I went to Dr. Brawner and PetVet while I lived in Auburn. After moving to Birmingham my English Bulldog needed a tail amputation. I didn't hesitate to drive back to Auburn so Dr. Brawner could perform the surgery. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Best Vet in Alabama in my opinion!

-John V.

These people are amazing. I would recommend them to anyone. Ive been using them for over 2 years and they are very nice, respectful, and positive about everything.

-Payton Y.

The staff is so sweet! Dr Brawner did an amazing job with our kitty surgery & we couldn't be more pleased. He was so kind, definitely impressed with the phone calls after the surgery to keep me updated. Would definitely go back!

-Jessica R.


PetVet Animal Health Center

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