Caring Hands
(for the pets you love).

PetVet: An Animal Hospital for the Auburn Community

Our full-service animal hospital in Auburn does more than serve your pet—we serve you. Healthy pets make happy owners; and a happy, healthy community is a better community. We service the Auburn and greater Opelika and Tuskegee areas with compassionate, experienced veterinary care so you and your pet can focus on building your relationship and living healthy, fulfilling lives.

Raising the Bar for Every Service

Keeping your pet healthy is just as important as a cure for illness. Preventive care is a prime focus at our animal hospital in Auburn. We pride ourselves on not only high standards for overall wellness care, but also preventive dental care, effective surgeries, and our clean, comfortable boarding facility. At PetVet Animal Health Center, no detail is too small to notice and change, so we can raise the standard.

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Preventive care for healthy pets includes regular exams, parasite prevention and up-to-date vaccinations. Keeping your pet healthy not only saves you cost and time, it strengthens the bond with your companion.

Dental Care

Dental disease is a serious condition that can affect not only your pet’s mouth but their entire wellbeing. Let our trained staff apply their skills to clean your pet’s teeth and increase their longevity.


Surgery is a serious step to take in your pet’s road to health and wellness. Ease your mind with knowing that our facility boasts the best in surgical technology, so your pet receives the highest level of care.


Loneliness can have serious detriments to your pet’s health—and damage caused by destructive behavior can be detrimental to you! Let us take care of your companion while you’re away at our home-away-from-home boarding facility!


The clinic has separate rooms for cats and dogs, and the tables are heated with little indents. My cat was so relaxed and made the experience so much easier. The staff is also kind and gentle! I highly recommend them!!!!

- Elizabeth K.

Comfort for Every Companion

Whether your companion is a nervous dog or a shy cat, our animal hospital in Auburn cares for each patient with individualized care. We have Fear Free Certified Professionals and our whole facility is a Gold standard Cat-Friendly Practice, so no matter what breed of four-legged friend you bring in, we’ll know exactly how to make them feel welcome.


PetVet Animal Health Center

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